Literacy/Birth/Death Rate of Canada

o Literacy Rate of Canada

Canada’s literacy rate is considered one of the highest rates at the global scale. Canada has about the same literacy rate with the United States. Canada’s literacy rate is said to be ranked at 28th place compared to the whole world, with a total literacypercentage of 99.0%. There are lots of countries that shares the same ranked place with Canada, such as Australia, Belgium, Demark, France, Germany, Ireland, etc. Which means Canada’s literacy rate is pretty high. However, there are countries with low literacy rates, such as Burkina Faso, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Niger, Mali, Chad, Somalia, Ethiopia, Guinea, and Benin, etc. At the global scale, Canada has a really high literacy rate compared to other countries.

Literacy Rate of Different Countries (Comparing with Canada)
Literacy Rate of Different Countries (Comparing with Canada)
Global Literacy Rate
Global Literacy Rate

o Literacy Levels

The Organization of Economic co-operation and development (or OECD) has divided the literacy level of Canada into 5 levels:

  • 1st Level: People are unable to read drug labels in order to correctly determine the dose of the medicines.
  • 2nd Level: People have difficulties learning new occupational skills.
  • 3rd Level: People are able to meet the demands of everday life and perform work-related tasks.
  • 4th and 5th Level: People are able to process and analyze complex informations.

o Literacy in Canada

  • About 48% or 12 million Canadians that are aged 16 and older do no reach level 3 literacy.
  • About 66% of the Canadians that are aged 26-35 are most likely to reach level 3 literacy.
  • About 18% of the Canadians that are aged 66 or more are not improving but dropping down, which tells the percentage of the literacy goes down as people become older.
  • Aboriginal people and Francophones are generally having lower literacy than any other countries.
  • Yukons has the best literacy of the whole world, which 67% of the residents had successfully reached or processed level 3 literacy.
America Literacy Rate
America Literacy Rate

Since Canada has about the same literacy rate as America, that means the Canada is at the average of the regional scale. Since the North America has a literacy rate of more than 97%, which is the same as Canada, the both countries general average will be more than 97%. They are at same average beacause they both are drawn in dark blue (as shown above), which means they share same literacy rate.

Literacy Level
Literacy Level
  • Literacy Rate of Canada, the map represents level 2 and below.
  • The dark green parts represents extremely low literacy regions, while the green parts represents pretty low literacy regions.
  • The yellow parts represents low literacy regions, and orange parts represents acceptable literacy regions.
  • The red parts represents pretty high literacy regions, and the dark red parts represent very high literacy regions.
  • The grey parts represents unidentified, which no one lives there.
Percentage of Literacy Levels in Canada
Percentage of Literacy Levels in Canada

In Canada, Nunavut has the lowest Level 3 literacy or above in the entire Canada, which is only 16.9. But however, the point is that the general average of the entire Canada’s literacy rate can be 51.1%! The reason why Canada can reach this high percentage is because of several provinces like Yukon(55.6%), Alberta(55.1%), Prince Edward Island(54.7%), British Columbia(54.1%), etc. The rest are also high but only Nunavut(16.9%) and Northwest territories(36.2), and the reason why they have extremly low literacy rate is because they are very far away from equator, and great parts of Nunavut are inside the Arctic Circle, which the place is very cold that no one would study because all the jobs they can do there is hunt for seals and whales. As for Northwest territories, only there are few parts are inside the Arctic Circle, but still lots of teachers won’t go there and teach due to the climate there.


o Canada Birth and Death Rate

According to the CIA, the birth rate of Canada is 10.29/1000 populations (2014 est.). Canada’s global ranking at birth rate is 186th place, which is considered very low compared to many countries like Niger (ranked 1st) at XX births a 1000 people, Uganda (ranked 2nd), and Mali (ranked 3rd). The top rank of Canada is Malta, which is 10.31/1000 populations (ranked 185). As for the below of Canada is Sweden, which is 10.24/1000 populations (ranked 187). Monaco is the lowest and last ranked country in birth rate, which is 6.85/1000 populations (ranked 221).


The death rate of Canada is 8.31/1000 populations (2014 est.). Canada global ranking at death rate is ranked at 96th place (8.09/1000 populations), which is considered a little bit higher than normal (quite high). The highest death rate of the whole world is South Africa, 17.23/1000 populations (ranked 1). The lowest death rate of the whole world is Qatar, 1.55/1000 populations (ranked 223). The top rank of Canada is Haiti, 8.1/1000 populations (ranked 95). The below rank of Canada is Puerto Rico, 8.09/1000 populations (ranked 97).




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